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San Interactive Archive Training and Heritage Management Program (South Africa)

This project is taking place in South Africa and involves representatives of the San people. It is managed by the Khwa Ttu San Centre and Mindfield LAMP (Living Archive Management Project) in collaboration with the Working Group of Indigenous Minorities in South Africa (WIMSA) and Doxa Productions.
San Interactive Archive Training and Heritage Management Program (South Africa)The San are a hugely diverse group who live in very different areas of Namibia and South Africa. The main purpose of the project was to enable San trainees identified by their communities to manage their cultural heritage, through the training of San cultural curators and their exposure to the audiovisual heritage that has accumulated about the San. Ultimately this memory stored on tape or film and made available to the communities themselves would lead to the creation of cultural content that is relevant to the San.

A short-term training programme allowed San participants to learn the basics of heritage management, including the development of audio-visual archiving systems and an introduction to the process of audio-visual content creation.

In the intermediate phase a short video was produced on the importance of language in the process of retrieval of memory and cultural practice.

Finally, by making use of and integrating the archive that was worked with during the training, the first phase of the long term aim of the project was reached: the creation of a pilot for a multi-media interactive archival package. This package will be used to generate local-content productions such as documentaries, short narratives and animations, to be used as educational material by the representatives of the San communities as well as by a broader public. The material that will form the content of the pilot will indicate the further archival material that can be retrieved and used for the generation of further audiovisual content.

“On history I have learned a lot today, it was my main lesson. How they (the San) fought for their land, how they were involved in the army, how they suffered. That is one of the things that should be taught to the younger generations”
Selma Geingos (San)

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