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Communication and Information Activities

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Initiative B@bel

Giving access to information by promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in Cyberspace

Initiative B@bel is contributing to UNESCO's goal of building knowledge societies, fostering universal access to information, through a three-fold strategy:
  • Policy Formulation (guiding principles, policies and supporting Member States initiatives):

    shaping the development of policies on multilingualism and universal access to information in cyberspace and providing a framework for the implementation of these policies at both national and regional levels in support of peaceful, democratic, multicultural, inclusive knowledge societies.

  • Information Dissemination (linguistic resources, multilingualism experiences and best practices):

    collecting and distributing information on the status of languages, linguistic tools, resources, case studies, best practices, institutions and policies and using this data to enhance policy/decision making.

  • Research and Pilot Projects (multilingualism and endangered languages in cyberspace):

    supporting a selected number of concrete activities aimed at widening access to the information in all languages on the Internet; increasing the number of sites and portals with multilingual content and scripts; developing tools that facilitate the exchange, recognition, translation and preservation of this knowledge through ICTs.