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The Media Education Programme promotes research into, and an understanding of, the role and the effects of the media upon society. It seeks new ways in which people can enhance their participation in the political and cultural life of the general community through the media.

With an expanding media worldwide, and with the increasing use of new information and communication technologies - particularly in education - the objective of this programme is to develop an awareness of, and a debate about, the media's effects upon society and its role within it.

In particular here, it aims to develop young people's access to, and understanding of, the media.

The Media Education Programme seeks to establish new ways by which all members of society, but especially young people, can actively participate in the political and cultural life of the general community through the media.

In particular, it aims to promote young people's access to the media, while also developing their critical appreciation of its activities.

UNESCO's work in this field is highlighted by two consultations:

  • An international seminar, Educating for Media and the Digital Age, held in Vienna, Austria (1999)

  • A seminar of media education experts held in Seville, Spain, (2002), which formulated broad recommendations and the priorities for regional action by UNESCO

    During the current biennial, UNESCO is focusing on cooperating with major international non-governmental organisations to define an action plan for the medium-term, including finding sources of funding.

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