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Training of Indigenous People in Audiovisual and Community Television Production (Bolivia)

Managed by the “Centro de Formación y Realización Cinematográfica” (CEFREC) whose director is Bolivian filmmaker Iván Sanjinés, the project took place in the districts of La Paz and Beni, in the northwestern tropical lands of Bolivia. The beneficiaries have been several indigenous communities that inhabit the region: the Lecos, Tsimanes, Esse Ejjas, Mosetenes, Tacanas, Quechuas and Aymaras.
Training of Indigenous People in Audiovisual and Community Television Production (Bolivia)The project was designed as part of the “Plan Nacional Indígena de Comunicación Audiovisual” (Bolivian National Plan for Indigenous Audiovisual Communication). This program began in 1997 prompted by the main indigenous organizations of Bolivia, the “Coordinadora Audiovisual Indigena Originaria de Bolivia” and CEFREC, with the aim of developing indigenous skills in audiovisual production and broadcasting.

The training program in audiovisual production began with a regional coordination meeting with the participation of many representative leaders of indigenous organizations. Twenty-three indigenous persons were chosen, in close collaboration with the local organizations and authorities, to take part in the training. In a second phase, a script writing workshop enabled each trainee to submit an idea and write a script. Five scripts were then selected to be produced by the participants. As a result, four documentaries and one fiction film were produced by the trainees, each approximately 25 minutes long. All the audiovisual works have been shown in community screenings and telecasted on regional and national TV stations.

Moreover, the project supported the activity of the Indigenous Community TV station based in Alto Beni. It also included teaching in TV programming.

“As a woman it has been very significant to get trained in audiovisual editing. What has impressed me most is that I have been able to propose the idea of a documentary to my community”
Maria Morales (Tajlihui-Larecaja community)

“The training center in Sapecho is a strategic place since it has become a school for all of us. It means a great step forward for the region as it is run by local people who care about subjects like culture and social issues and try to improve the well-being of their community”
Esteban Espejo ( Piedras blancas – Rurrenabaque Community)

“We are doing this work so that the region develops its own expression, because through this way we can reflect the problems and the needs of our communities, denounce and exchange our ideas. We seek through this work the integration of the region”
Jesús Tapia (Belén - Alto Beni Community)

“I have enjoyed very much the training and now I am looking forward to coming back to my community and work on research with elder persons”
Gilberto Vaca (Tsimane San Miguel de Martirio – San Borja Community)

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Contact First Name Ivan
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Associated Organization(s) Centro de Formación y Realización Cinematográfica - CEFREC