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The objective of the Free Open Source IDAMS (OpenIDAMS) project is to produce, keep up-to-date and disseminate a free open source software package for data management, exploration and archiving, with report generation facilities, by transforming IDAMS into an evolving, inter-related set of end-user and developer services. The UNESCO Secretariat is the promoter, co-ordinator and supervisor of the project.
Development of the new IDAMS package will be based on the co-operation with a wide, open, international developer community, and it will be disseminated to a large worldwide user population. To provide assistance in sharing ideas, methods, techniques and experience, an e-publication facility will be set up.

In 2001, members of the International Technical Advisory Group (ITAG) have recommended creation of a Task Force chaired by Dr P. Hunya to prepare clear Terms of Reference (ToR) for developing IDAMS using the Free Open Source model. The Task Force was set up early in 2002, and was composed of Dr Péter Hunya (Hungary), Prof. Marco Scarno (Italy) and Eng. Jorge E. Estrada (Colombia).

In 2002, ITAG members have agreed that the goal of new IDAMS project is to develop and distribute IDAMS as a Free Open Source Software through international cooperation and that the project should be launched as soon as possible. The first draft of the ToR was discussed.

In 2003, the Task Force, in close cooperation with the UNESCO Secretariat, finalized and delivered the final Terms of Reference for the OpenIDAMS. At ITAG 2003, it was pointed out that the implementation of the OpenIDAMS project will start according to the project outline, basic technical design and project implementation principles as described in the ToR document and will go through the following phases:

Phase 1: Project Initiation
Creation and formalization of the OpenIDAMS Technical Steering Committee (TSC), Production of the project core, or "kernel"

Phase 2: Project Opening
Publishing officially OpenIDAMS as an Open Source project

Phase 3: Permanent Project Execution
Relying on and at the service of the global user and developer community

The mandate of the Task Force has expired on 30 November 2003, with the finalization of the Terms of References document and the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) has taken over the work immediately after this date.

The Technical Steering Committee objective is to work in a productive environment to achieve the OpenIDAMS project initiation phase (1) in 2004.

Early in 2004, CASPUR has installed a conference server to facilitate the collaboration, assigned a trainee to work on the OpenIDAMS project, and initiated several collaboration sessions to test the methodology.
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