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Country profile Tunisia
  • 05-07-2011 (Tunis) 
    Second round of trainings on election reporting for Tunisian media professionals starts this week
  • 29-06-2011 (Tunis) 
    IPDC-supported training on investigative journalism started in Tunis
  • 15-06-2011 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO starts series of trainings on election reporting for Tunisian media professionals
  • 03-06-2011 (Paris) 
    Public Service Broadcasting at the heart of discussions at the Paris International Conference in Support of Tunisian and Egyptian Broadcast Media
  • 30-05-2011 (Paris) 
    UNESCO hosts international conference in support of Tunisian and Egyptian broadcast media
  • 05-05-2011 (Tunisia) 
    UNESCO invited all journalists and media development partners to celebrate World Press Freedom Day 2011 in Tunis
  • 19-01-2011 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Director-General deplores death of French photographer Lucas Mebrouk Dolega
  • 12-11-2010 (Rabat) 
    Meeting in Tunisia discussed nominations to Memory of the World Register
  • 26-10-2010 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO's Rabat Office publishes guide to advance gender equality in radio content
  • 11-03-2010 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO launches competition for best article on freedom of information
  • 01-02-2010 (Rabat) 
    UNESCO trains Maghreb public service broadcasters to reduce gender stereotyping
  • 11-12-2009 (Rabat) 
    Consultation on UNESCO Model Curricula for Journalism Education to take place in Rabat next week
  • 17-11-2009 (Beirut) 
    UNESCO trains women media professionals from Arab countries
  • 23-10-2008 (Doha) 
    Enhancing capacities of broadcast journalists in Arab countries
  • 10-10-2008 (Rabat) 
    Training on climate change for media professionals from Maghreb
  • 27-05-2008 (Rabat) 
    Consultation on journalism education to be held in Tunisia
  • 26-03-2008 (Paris) 
    Member States elect Walter Fust as new Chairman of the IPDC Council
  • Misako Ito
    Adviser in Communication and Information, Rabat Cluster Office
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