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Country profile Maldives
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Tsunami in South Asia Tsunami in South Asia
UNESCO offers its support to the countries devastated by the earthquake off the coast of Sumatra and the ensuing tsunami. WebWorld provides a resource page with information in the area of communication and information.
  • 11-02-2010 (Malé) 
    UNESCO sponsors workshops on public service broadcasting in Maldives
  • 18-12-2009 (Colombo) 
    Teacher trainers from South Asia discussed media and information literacy
  • 26-11-2009 (Paris) 
    Maldives decriminalise defamation
  • 25-06-2009 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO helps draft democratic legislation in the Maldives
  • 13-05-2009 (Kathmandu) 
    South Asian journalists commemorate World Press Freedom Day 2009
  • 17-02-2009 (Paris) 
    Workshop on Asian-Pacific documentary heritage starts tomorrow
  • 07-11-2008 (New Delhi) 
    Training-the-Trainers Workshop in Information Literacy for South and Central Asia inaugurated in India
  • 12-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO prepares Media Companion to HIV and AIDS
  • 19-06-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Call for preparation of action plan for community radio in Maldives
  • 07-06-2007 (New Delhi) 
    A workshop to develop community radio in Maldives
  • 15-05-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Journalists observe World Press Freedom Day in Maldives
  • 28-02-2007 (Apia) 
    Pacific focus on content creation and digitization at 3rd APIN session
  • 12-05-2006 (Paris) 
    IPDC support for Maldives Community Broadcasting project highlighted during Director-General’s visit
  • 01-03-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Maldives nurtures TV talents
  • 29-08-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Young TV producers network in Asia on HIV/AIDS
  • Iskra Panevska
    Adviser in Communication and Information - New Delhi Cluster Office
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