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Country profile Lesotho
  • 19-07-2011 (Maseru) 
    Broadcasting regulation workshop is taking place this week in Lesotho
  • 03-03-2011 (Windhoek) 
    UNESCO supports survey on media and information literacy among teachers
  • 15-11-2010 (Windhoek) 
    Training of Lesotho media as partners in education for sustainable development
  • 19-07-2010 (Windhoek) 
    UNESCO organizes a sub regional training workshop on the preservation of digital heritage
  • 30-04-2010 (Morija) 
    World Press Freedom Day celebrated in Lesotho
  • 07-08-2009 (East London) 
    Potential centre of excellence in Africa to train community broadcasters
  • 11-05-2009 (Windhoek) 
    Community media conference starts today in Southern Africa
  • 11-03-2009 (Paris) 
    UNESCO implements information ethics and e-government initiative in Africa
  • Jaco Du Toit
    Adviser in Communication and Information - Southern Africa, Windhoek Cluster Office
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