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Reel Intercultural Dialogue

Reel Intercultural Dialogue
Reel Intercultural Dialogue

Reel Intercultural Dialogue is a series of five short fiction films made by students from India, Israel, Mexico, Romania and Burkina Faso
View the films through the Reel Intercultural Dialogue website

The project, launched in 2003, is a series of independent fiction films without dialogues. They deliver the young filmmakers' vision of humanity in peace and harmony and are dedicated to the international community. The films were created with the intention of increasing intercultural understanding and sensitising young people to tolerance, dialogue and peace. Such messages were delivered in very different and interesting ways depending on the diverse cultural backgrounds of the selected countries.

One of the aims of this project was to provide an opportunity to cinema and television schools to use their most talented students to produce regional content for young people reflecting local perspectives on global issues. Indeed, the young filmmakers have not disappointed the international community: the quality of their films is very commendable, the content they produced grabs the viewer's attention, questions our society's ways and beliefs of handling conflict and inspires a fresh perspective on non-violent, alternative means on conflict resolution.

UNESCO and the Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision (CILECT) will disseminate the final productions among national and international media as well as among various educational institutions worldwide. These short films will also be available on an interactive UNESCO-linked website.


The New Beginning (India)
Directed by: Sundhakar Reddy

The story of The New Beginning revolves around two boys fighting over a kite. One of the two boys lost his kite and destroyed the kite of the other, which resulted in a fistfight between the two. They ended up being trapped on top of the building until they realized that the only way to get out of the situation is to join efforts and help each other.

Los Vecinos (Mexico)
Directed by Paulina del Paso

Los Vecinos is a story about the vecinidad (a residential building with a central patio, very popular in Mexico). A group of neighbours clash with one another because of the noise that each of them makes. An accident takes place and the once conflicting neighbours find themselves altogether confronting the situation.

The Red Toy (Israel)
Directed by Dani Rosenberg

The Red Toy is about a toy tape, emitting a simple beat that becomes a rhythm, which randomly changes hands in the alleyways of Jerusalem Old City. Transcending the various occupants of the enclave, its journey sketches the varying portraits and characters of the City: Arabs, Jews, soldiers, tourists and a local boy, who simply desires freedom.

Wild East (Romania)
Directed by Iuliana Constantinescu

Wild East is a film about the wild, colourful, complex East. A young man tries to cross the border to look for a better life elsewhere. His story, like those of the long convoys of refugees, seems sadly familiar. What these people simply want is a land where they could bring their own values, find a way to understand each other and coexist with tolerance. But such a world does not exist. The young man, who arrives last, is the first to understand this sad truth.

1 ou le Cercle de Danse (Burkina Faso)
Directed by Djamihou Alade

1 ou le Cercle de Danse is about a young hero named Olamidé, who challenged the leader of a dance circle with the purpose of spreading tolerance and acceptance among his community members. Instead of ousting the defeated leader from the circle, he offered him peace and friendship, setting a good example of reconciliation among his people.

Executive Producer: Gustavo Montiel
Project Coordinator: Rosa Maria Gonzalez

DVDs will be released by April 2004.

To request a DVD, please contact:

Rosa Maria Gonzalez
Communication Development Division
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15

e-mail : r.gonzalez@unesco.org