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  • 17-11-2008 (Paris) 
    Iranian film wins UNESCO APSA Award
  • 07-11-2008 (New Delhi) 
    Training-the-Trainers Workshop in Information Literacy for South and Central Asia inaugurated in India
  • 16-09-2008 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns death of cameraman Javed Ahmed Mir in Kashmir and voices concern over media safety
  • 22-07-2008 (Paris) 
    Creating digital libraries with UNESCO open source software
  • 21-05-2008 (Paris) 
    Director-General expresses concern at the death of Indian journalist Ashok Sodhi
  • 13-05-2008 (Bangkok) 
    UN launches new training course to help Asian developing countries use ICT
  • 06-05-2008 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO helps measure information literacy among residents of an Indian metropolitan city
  • 05-05-2008 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO helps complete study on equitable access to documentary heritage in South Asian countries
  • 04-04-2008 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO helps preserve Indian documentary heritage
  • 07-03-2008 (New Delhi) 
    South Asian Consultation on UNESCO's Model Curricula for Journalism Education is taking place in India
  • 28-02-2008 (New Delhi) 
    IPDC project enhances Chanderi Community Multimedia Centre in India
  • 01-02-2008 (Paris) 
    All India Radio wins CBA-UNESCO award
  • 07-01-2008 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO releases a user's guide to community radio
  • 21-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    WINISIS Training Manual in Hindi language published
  • 19-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO-SALIS e-Learning Portal on information literacy for South Asia launched
  • 18-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Telecentre on Wheels: A new way to access information in rural India
  • 12-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO prepares Media Companion to HIV and AIDS
  • 07-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Preliminary findings of a community ICT research project released
  • 07-08-2007 (Paris) 
    Open Frame 2007. Announcement of selection
  • 04-07-2007 (Almaty) 
    Developing national strategies on FOSS in Central Asia
  • 20-06-2007 (Paris) 
    New inscriptions for Memory of the World Register
  • 20-06-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Facilitating TV content creation in India
  • 25-05-2007 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO-SALIS e-Learning Portal for Awareness Raising on Information Literacy
  • 22-05-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Building digital library with WINISIS
  • 21-05-2007 (Paris) 
    The Open Frame 2007: Call for productions
  • 09-05-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Kerala villages to find their own space in cyber world
  • 24-04-2007 (New Delhi) 
    Local self help groups strengthen community radio
  • 16-03-2007 (Paris) 
    “Learning from a hole in the wall”
  • 15-03-2007 (New Delhi) 
    India to establish 4000 community radio stations under new community radio policy
  • 28-02-2007 (Apia) 
    Pacific focus on content creation and digitization at 3rd APIN session
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