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Country profile Fiji
  • 17-04-2009 (Paris) 
    Director-General concerned about media crackdown in Fiji
  • 17-02-2009 (Paris) 
    Workshop on Asian-Pacific documentary heritage starts tomorrow
  • 22-10-2008 (Apia) 
    UNESCO helps raise awareness on climate change in the Pacific
  • 28-08-2007 (Apia) 
    UNESCO Global Network of Young TV Producers on HIV/AIDS reached new territories in Melanesia
  • 12-06-2007 (Apia) 
    Advancing gender equality in the Pacific
  • 14-05-2007 (Apia) 
    Press freedom alive and well in the Pacific!
  • 06-04-2007 (Paris) 
    Small Island Developing States receive IPDC support
  • 28-02-2007 (Apia) 
    Pacific focus on content creation and digitization at 3rd APIN session
  • 26-07-2006 (Apia) 
    Fiji workshop calls for increased gender perspective in Pacific communication policies and initiatives
  • 19-07-2006 (Apia) 
    UNESCO supports new approach to media and journalism training in the Pacific
  • 13-07-2006 (Apia) 
    Radio must change
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