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The first community workshop in Manhiça.

The first wider community workshop in Manhiça was held in June 2002, with the participation of approximately 80 community members: youth, teachers and representatives of local institutions, the telecentre and religious bodies. The purpose was to:

  • Introduce and launch the ICT learning initiative in the Manhiça ;
  • Moblise the community to participate in the initiative ;
  • Make an illustration of several CD-ROMs to the wider community, and explain their possibilities and potential;
  • Present the services of the telecentre and its role in the initiative;
  • Explore, together with the community, what information it needs;
  • Choose the topic to be covered in a CD-Rom to be produced;

    The five priority topics for the CD-Rom were (in order of priority):

    1. Malaria;
    2. HIV/AIDS;
    3. Cleanliness in the hospitals and schools and hygiene in the town;
    4. Sugar production;
    5. The consequences of producing and consuming alcoholic drinks.

    « It was possible to motivate the participants to get interested in the CD-Rom Initiative, because they were able to see the use of various CDs on different themes, presented by the community itself and by a technician. They could thus see that CD-Roms can be handled by anyone regardless of their educational level or area of work. We sensed that most participants were seeing a CD-Rom for the first time ».

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    Author(s) CIEUM University of Eduardo Mondlane
    Publication year 30-06-2002

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