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Country profile Cambodia
  • 06-05-2010 (Phnom Penh) 
    Conference in Phnom Penh promotes freedom of information in Cambodia
  • 02-12-2009 (Amsterdam) 
    Asian broadcasters attend conference on media dialogue thanks to UNESCO support
  • 09-11-2009 (Phnom Penh) 
    Cambodia’s sound and music heritage celebrated on World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2009
  • 10-09-2009 (Phnom Penh) 
    UNESCO helps preserve Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum Archives in Cambodia
  • 06-07-2009 (Manila) 
    Journalism teachers from Southeast Asia review UNESCO Model Curricula for Journalism Education
  • 17-03-2009 (Phnom Penh) 
    ‘Love and Relationships’: Film festival in Cambodia addresses HIV prevention
  • 29-08-2005 (New Delhi) 
    Young TV producers network in Asia on HIV/AIDS
  • 22-07-2004 (Bangkok) 
    Integrating ICT into School Curricula: Workshop in Bangkok
  • 30-06-2004 (Bangkok) 
    Media Seminar on Mekong River Development Concluded in Bangkok
  • Susanne Ornager
    Adviser in Communication and Information in Asia, Bangkok Cluster Office
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