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How to pass data from Excel to IDAMS?

It is very easy to transfer data kept in an Excel file to IDAMS.

1. Open the data in Excel and than save them in a free format in a file with extension .txt using Tab as separator or in a file with extension .csv using semicolon or comma as a separator. Tab or semicolon is obligatory if commas are used in decimal notation.

Note that the first line in the data file must contain column labels.

It would also be better to fix in Excel the field category as Number, its width and number of decimal places for fields containing only numbers. Moreover, 1000 Separator is not allowed.

2. In the WinIDAMS Main window, use the command File --> Import.

3. Select the file you want to import and, for files with extension .csv, the type of separator used in the imported data.

4. Alphabetical fields, if any, can be changed to numeric values - mark required recoding in the Variables Definition window (column Recoding).

5. From this window, use the command Build --> IDAMS Dataset to create IDAMS Dictionary and Data files.