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Country profile Bangladesh
  • 14-05-2010 (Dhaka) 
    UNESCO Bangladesh Journalism Award 2010 presented on World Press Freedom Day
  • 26-04-2010 (Dhaka) 
    Bangladesh government awards licenses for establishing community radios
  • 18-12-2009 (Colombo) 
    Teacher trainers from South Asia discussed media and information literacy
  • 02-12-2009 (Amsterdam) 
    Asian broadcasters attend conference on media dialogue thanks to UNESCO support
  • 13-05-2009 (Kathmandu) 
    South Asian journalists commemorate World Press Freedom Day 2009
  • 07-11-2008 (New Delhi) 
    Training-the-Trainers Workshop in Information Literacy for South and Central Asia inaugurated in India
  • 08-02-2008 (New Delhi) 
    IPDC contributes to press freedom in rural Bangladesh
  • 12-12-2007 (New Delhi) 
    UNESCO prepares Media Companion to HIV and AIDS
  • 24-01-2007 (Paris) 
    UNESCO to assist in production of films for UN's "21st Century" News Magazine
  • 27-09-2006 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns murder of Bangladeshi journalist Bellal Hossain Dafadar
  • 22-08-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Launch of Research publication and CD-ROM on editorial independence and the media at Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore
  • 09-08-2006 (New Delhi) 
    Forum Theatre popularizes concept of Community Radio in Bangladesh
  • Iskra Panevska
    Adviser in Communication and Information - New Delhi Cluster Office
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