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UNESCO's action in the area of communication and information in Afghanistan


UNESCO's action in the area of communication and information in Afghanistan
Country profile Afghanistan
  • 09-05-2011 (Kabul) 
    World Press Freedom Day celebrated in Afghanistan
  • 14-12-2010 (Paris) 
    In support of Afghan women’s voices, UNESCO hosted conference and photo exhibition
  • 14-10-2010 (Paris) 
    Afghan Women Making the News: UNESCO exhibition and conference
  • 13-09-2010 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Director-General condemns wave of journalist killings
  • 02-12-2009 (Amsterdam) 
    Asian broadcasters attend conference on media dialogue thanks to UNESCO support
  • 29-09-2009 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns violence against media workers and their assistants
  • 31-08-2009 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns murder of Afghan journalist Janullah Hashimzada
  • 13-05-2009 (Kathmandu) 
    South Asian journalists commemorate World Press Freedom Day 2009
  • 12-05-2009 (Kabul) 
    UNESCO and UNAMA: Press freedom must be respected in Afghanistan
  • 25-03-2009 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns killing of Afghan reporter Jawed Ahmad
  • 23-03-2009 (Paris) 
    Italy grants further funding to Afghan educational radio and television
  • 12-06-2008 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns assassination of Afghan journalist Abdul Samad Rohani
  • 15-05-2008 (Kabul) 
    Kabul Weekly goes online
  • 26-03-2008 (Paris) 
    Member States elect Walter Fust as new Chairman of the IPDC Council
  • 24-01-2008 (New York) 
    Afghanistan: UN urges review of death sentence against journalist
  • 22-01-2008 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns killing of Norwegian reporter Carsten Thomassen in Kabul Hotel
  • 22-01-2008 (Kabul) 
    UNESCO helps develop distance education in Afghanistan
  • 06-08-2007 (Kabul) 
    Increasing information literacy of Afghan women
  • 25-07-2007 (Kabul) 
    UNESCO helps develop educational broadcasting in Afghanistan
  • 20-07-2007 (Kabul) 
    Improving relations between Afghan Parliament and media
  • 04-07-2007 (Almaty) 
    Developing national strategies on FOSS in Central Asia
  • 11-06-2007 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Director-General condemns murders of Afghan journalists Zakia Zaki and Shokiba Sanga
  • 11-06-2007 (Kabul) 
    Radio Quyaash in Afghanistan: female, free and here to stay
  • 30-05-2007 (Kabul) 
    Afghanistan independent Kabul Weekly re-launched
  • 10-05-2007 (Kabul) 
    Afghan Media Marks 3rd May “World Press Freedom Day”
  • 03-04-2007 (Paris) 
    Director-General calls for release of Alan Johnston, BBC correspondent in Gaza
  • 11-10-2006 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns murder of German journalists Karen Fischer and Christian Struwe in Afghanistan
  • 06-09-2006 (Kabul) 
    UNESCO supports first Afghan copyright seminar
  • 02-08-2006 (Paris) 
    Director-General condemns killing of TV cameraman
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