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UNESCO's action in the area of communication and information in Afghanistan


UNESCO's action in the area of communication and information in Afghanistan
  • 18-05-2006 (Kabul) 
    IT equipment handed over to Afghan Ministry of Education
  • 22-03-2006 (Paris/Kabul) 
    Afghan Ad Hoc Communication and Information Commission moves ahead
  • 14-03-2006 (Paris) 
    Ad-hoc independent High Commission of Information and Communication for Afghanistan meets at UNESCO
  • 08-03-2006 (Kabul) 
    Afghanistan gets new media law
  • 25-01-2006 (Kuala Lumpur) 
    Retraining Afghan Media
  • 20-10-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO's General Conference elects new members to IPDC and IFAP Councils
  • 07-07-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO supports journalists training for reporting on elections in Afghanistan
  • 31-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Afghan Radio-TVís Journalists get Internet and Newsrooms in Kabul, Herat, Mazar and Kandahar
  • 31-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Public Service Broadcasting: a Tool for Reconciliation and Democratization in Countries in Transition
  • 31-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Educational Service of Afghanistan Gets Own Radio and TV Frequencies
  • 23-05-2005 (Paris) 
    UNESCO Condemns Murder of Afghan Music Presenter Shaima Rezayee
  • 20-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Panel Debate on Public Service Broadcasting
  • 10-05-2005 (Paris) 
    Afghan Journalists Celebrate World Press Freedom Day in Kabul
  • 26-04-2005 
    Afghan Women Get TV Frequency
  • 06-04-2005 (Paris) 
    "If I Stand UpĒ: A Documentary on the Political Life of Afghan Women Screened at UNESCO
  • 11-03-2005 (Paris) 
    Afghan Female Journalism Students Broadcast Live On 8 March
  • 24-02-2005 
    UNESCO contributes to expand women media network in Afghanistan
  • Malama Meleisea
    Director, UNESCO Kabul Office
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