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Czech Republic - Chronicle of Council of Constance

The author of the Chronicle of Council of Constance (1414 - 1418) is Ulrich Riechental (1360's - 1436/1437), the scribe of the city of Constance. But he wrote his chronicle not before 1430's. The significance of this chronicle rest in that, it is of unofficial character (in contrast to other sources); it does not describe theological disputations or diplomatic activities, but outer history of the Council, above all showy festivities and ceremonies as well as traffic in the city.
The Petersburg manuscript of this chronicle, called also Small Riechental, does not contain the text of the chronicle, but only picture decoration with short accounts in Latin. This manuscript is of earlier date, originating from 1470's, and reassumes the composition of the Constance manuscript. However it is important, because it contains the best creative accompaniment of the Riechental Chronicle at all. The coloured pen-and-ink drawings suggest a technique of woodcut and moreover it is noted for an individualisation of face types and frequently of considerable grotesque.

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