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IsisAscii allows to import ASCII delimited files into CDS/ISIS databases
29.6.2004 - New version 0.95!!
Most office software is capable of generating ASCII delimited files (MS Excel, MS Access, OpenOffice, MySQL, etc). IsisAscii makes it easier to import this kind of data into CDS/ISIS databases.

Version 0.95
  • Correct problems with both tagged and delimited files
  • better compatibility with Access and Excel exports
  • renewed RUN dialog interface with preview
  • log operations possible
  • automatic FDT writer
  • filters allow to use print formatting language to select incoming records
  • Renewed documentation

    Which data can IsisAscii handle?

    ASCII delimited data can be formatted in very different ways. For example, MS Excel will probably output table data as follows:

    Name;Street Address;City;Country;Phone
    Green;Sunny street, 15;Waketown;Somewhere;+999 00 00

    While MS Access could output the following format:

    “Name”,”Street Address”,”City”,”Country”,”Phone”
    “Green”,”Sunny street, 15”,”Waketown”,”Somewhere”,”+999 00 00”

    In addition to the above ASCII delimited formats, there is a different one, called Tagged files, that are often produced by library management software. For example:

      AUT Green
      ADR Sunny street
      CTY Waketown
      TEL +999 00 00

    IsisAscii can be customized for handling most ASCII formats through a series of parameters, which are described in its user manual.

    Open Source

    IsisAscii is written in MS Visual Basic 6, using the ISIS_DLL. The source code is available for downloading here.

    Please send back your contributions to us.

    Download IsisAscii v0.95 now

    The updated User Manual is included in the installation!!

    Download IsisAscii quick presentation now (Spanish)